5 Benefits of Cloud Based Video Conferencing

5 Benefits of Cloud Based Video Conferencing

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about the Cloud and its benefits for personal and professional use. The Cloud is a model for delivering information such as pictures, files, and data through web-based tools and applications in which resources are retrieved from the Internet. One of its most effective uses comes in the form of Cloud video conferencing. You may not have heard the term Cloud video conferencing before, but you probably have already used it.  Popular Cloud video conferencing services include Skype, Google Hangouts, Facetime, WebEx and Gotomeeting.  Cloud video conferencing is the best way to videoconference with family, friends and colleagues at work for several key reasons:

Working Remotely

Working remotely is becoming extremely popular in the modern business world. Statistics have shown that almost one third of the United States’ full-time workers complete a majority of their work remotely. Video conferencing makes it easier for professionals to work remotely as long as they have a camera and a microphone that are compatible on their computer. Cloud conferencing also has many other useful features for professionals who work remotely such as screen sharing on any device, keyboard/mouse control, and white boarding. Video conferencing is usually more cost effective and faster than in-person meetings. It also makes it easy to exchange data in real time so presentations can reach multiple people in multiple locations, allowing for quicker deliberation, collaboration and decision-making.

Keeping In Touch

Imagine if a family member was leaving on an extended trip, or if you had to move to a different state for a job opportunity. Conventional ways of communication such as phone calls or emails have proven to be very impersonal compared to video conferencing. Cloud conferencing has made effective communication extremely personal and accessible. In particular, Cloud conferencing gives the user the ability to share pictures and files by a quick click of the mouse. Although nothing can compare to face-to-face conversations, Cloud video conferencing is the best way to speak to someone who cannot be right in front of you.

Training & Collaboration Benefits

Some people in the commercial sector may remember the days when training meant sitting through a long orientation video or reading a manual about company policy. One of the reasons that Cloud video conferencing and the enterprise is such a great match is because of how it impacts the way that companies train their new employees. Using video conferencing, for example, you can train multiple employees at the same time. Another reason why Cloud video conferencing and the enterprise go together well is because of how applicable this technology is for companies with multiple offices. Large corporations that have offices in different cities or even different countries will reap many benefits from using video conferencing.

Adapting To Larger Meeting Rooms

Cloud conferencing is the most effective and least time consuming way to communicate in both the business and personal setting. Video conferencing is perfect when you want to reduce costs and ensure that employees can collaborate from any location. Cloud conferencing is simple when calling from a personal device, but can be quite difficult when trying to use a personal device with many people in a conference room. IMS is an expert at expanding personal devices capabilities in larger meeting room environments to ensure everyone can be seen and heard.  Call us today to learn how IMS can help your company utilize Cloud conferencing to become more efficient.

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