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Broaden the reach of installed professional video conferencing systems with on-the-go participation

Mobile Video Conferencing Solutions IMS

Can’t make it to the Boardroom for your video conference?  No problem, it is now possible to extend the video conferencing system beyond the boardroom to include additional collaborators on their iPhones, tablets and laptops in other locations. System security can be flawlessly maintained and the enterprise can maintain agility and cost-effectiveness.

Face-To-Face Meetings Improve Productivity

The world-wide web and modern transportation systems enable businesses to break down geographic barriers for marketing, sales, and operations, but many functions still require face-to-face interactions. Being able to see as well as hear another person can be important in sharing information, developing interest, and establishing buy-in because 90% of what is “said” is non-verbal. Working virtually facilitates productivity, but there are times when teamwork demands real-time exchanges with gestures and facial expressions along with sound.

Relationship building and collaboration in sales, training and project implementation are expedited by meeting in person, but some group members will have responsibilities that create conflicts. While these stakeholders may be unable to physically attend, they still need to be included. The challenge for the organization or business is to have everyone present despite participant’s busy schedules. New technologies are making that easier and cheaper.

Upgrading Audiovisual and Collaboration Capabilities

Whether you are using an older audiovisual system in your boardroom/conference room or are preparing to upgrade in advance of the analog sunset at the end of this year, you need to collaborate with others located elsewhere. Your support materials must be accessible regardless of the media source or device. New audiovisual systems have the advantage of easily incorporating a mixture of presentations from PCs, laptops, smart phones, tablets, media players, and cameras.

In addition to input from a variety of sources, content also needs to be available on a full range of portable devices. Smart phones, tablets, and laptop computers give remote participants complete access and full participation in a video meeting. This is essential to enable the greatest productivity with the little or no compromises.  A CEO no longer has to be tied to the Boardroom to conduct regular video meetings.

New technology allows the functionality of existing or newly installed video conferencing systems to be extended beyond the conference room so that everyone can be seen and heard. It is no longer necessary to have video conferencing systems at each location of a video conferencing participant. An executive can connect with the networked host room using his or her mobile devices from anywhere.  Media can be seamlessly, efficiently integrated across systems and devices.

New video conferencing platforms enable organizations to extend video collaboration to everyone across any network, protocol, application or device. These systems maintain your organizational security while providing virtual participation from anywhere in the world where there’s an internet connection. This enhances the enterprise’s ability to meet the needs of the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) revolution and the proliferation of new media.

 Learn More from IMS

 Integrated Media Systems’ experts are happy to answer any questions you have about how to include remote participants in your meetings and presentations using their mobile devices. We want to help you evaluate the available technologies and find the right match for all your functional and financial needs.

Your goal is to maximize your productivity with as little disruption to your existing business activities as possible—at IMS we know how to do that. IMS helps clients from the corporate, municipal, government, medical and education sectors and we are the recognized leader in the design, integration, and support of video, audio, audiovisual, audio/video conferencing, presentation and communication environments for global enterprises. With over 25 years of experience, we are trusted partners whenever you want to leverage technology to improve communications.


Please contact us for more information about extending your meetings beyond the conference room. We can help you evaluate how technology can help you get better results.


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