Video Observation and Recording

Observe Live, Record, View, Manager…it’s easy!

Video is a proven tool to better educate, train, connect and protect organizations everywhere. At the heart of our video observation and recording solution is an innovative software application that empowers users to create and manage their own video database. This powerful tool helps organizations increase the use of video to improve the effectiveness of a wide variety of programs. The system can scale to support any number of cameras, users and departments, while the intuitive browser based interface provides each user with a unique and secure experience. Our solution empowers users to quickly and easily view, record and manage video events without extensive IT support. Video observation is being used in a wide array of applications including Medical Simulations, Corporate Training, Treatment Sessions, Lecture Video Recording, Police Interviews, Government Meetings, Clinical Observation and other simulation based and active learning applications.


Observe Live Video

Leveraging the latest technology allows users to easily view live video and audio sessions in a simple and secure fashion. The application incorporates enterprise class video streaming technology allowing for the connection of multiple digital video feeds and the capability to serve out hundreds of simultaneous encrypted video streams from a single server appliance.

Video Markers
Index important video points for quick access to important events

HD Camera Support
Capture sessions in full High Definition clarity

Talkback Capability
Allows for supervisors to communicate directly in real-time

Multi Viewer
Observe multiple cameras and rooms simultaneously

Pan, Tilt, Zoom Control
Simple control of PTZ cameras with built in presets

Cross Browser Compatible
View content from any PC, Mac or mobile device


Capture Audio & Video

Easily start and stop audio video recordings either on demand through the web interface, by using the built in scheduler, or by integrating with simple start/stop buttons.  All videos are recorded in a non proprietary MP4 video format and are viewable on almost any computer or device.

Customized cataloging and indexing of content for intuitive searching capability

Camera Grouping
Control multiple camera angles and audio feeds with single button press operation

Mobile Recording
Use and iPad or other mobile device to securely capture off-site video

External Video Capture
Automatic import and encoding of External Video Sources

Automatic capture of pre-scheduled events

In-Room Controls
Simple start/stop operation with status of a recording in progress
Tablet Based Controls
Advanced control of session captures with intuitive touch screen controls


Review Recorded Video

Our system enables users to quickly search and find the desired session or interview.  Videos are available for review seconds after the recording is completed and stream almost instantaneously.

Searchable Database
Our intuitive software allows users to build a searchable video database

Allows the creation of smaller clips from a larger video without affecting the original video

Digital Zoom
Digitally zoom in for a close-up look of subjects

Allows users to easily jump right to that point in the video similar to chapters in a DVD

Audio Notes
Add spoken dictation to video files as an index field


Manage Video Recordings

Our software application has the ability to streamline or completely automate your video asset management. IMS will implement the solution to fit the unique requirements of each individual organization.

Video Import
Import any video into the system and tag it with searchable information

Video Retention
Automatic deletion of videos after a certain period

Ability to download recordings off the system

Built in tools allow users to easily share video with other user groups or individual users

External Links
Tag specific videos for direct URL access links

Offline Player
Allows users to playback multiple MP4 files in a synchronized fashion for offline viewing


Security & Permissions

When security is paramount, for example with a clinical application or part of a police evidence capture solution; our system has been designed from the ground up with these challenging security requirements in mind. Almost every feature or function can be enabled or disabled at the user group level making for an extremely flexible user permission structure.

LDAP Integration
Allows users to use their same network login information to access our system

User Permissions
A robust security and permission structure can be implemented to comply with any organization procedures.

Audit Trails
Logged data of who, what, when and from where a user has accessed the system

Data encryption
All data transmitted to and from the video server is encrypted

Why Choose IMS? Your Systems Just Work

Every integrated system IMS builds is fabricated, assembled, programmed and tested in our state-of-the-art Interoperability Lab. This not only insures systems work as expected when they are installed in the field, but also cuts down on field installation time.

Typical Uses:

Police Interview Rooms
Clinical Education
Autism Studies
Child Advocacy


Typical Technologies:

7.1 Surround Sound
Agenda Management
Ambient Light Control
Assisted Listening
Audio Conferencing
Audio: High Definition
Automated Broadcasting and Camera Control
Automated HD Broadcast
Automated Lighting Control
Aux In
Cinema Projection
Custom Furniture and Millwork
Digital Signage
Digital Signal Processing
Document Camera
Evidence Presentation Module
Executive Control
HD Video & Audio Distribution
HD Presentation Systems
HD Video Distribution
HD Videoconferencing
Integrated Voting
Intuitive Control System
Laptop Connections
Lecture Capture
Legacy Technology Compatibility
Lighting Control
Live Feedback/Testing
Live Streaming and Archiving
Live Streaming/Broadcast
Live/On-Demand Streaming
Lobby Audio/Video
Multi-Window Displays
Multiple Displays
Multiple Operating Modes
Remote Cameras
Remote Management
Retractable Screen
Room Automation
Room Mode
Speaker Timing System
Steerable Speaker Arrays
Surround Sound
Tablet Connections
Video Wall
Video: HD LCD Monitors
Video: HD Projection
Voice Conferencing
Wired & Wireless Microphones
Wireless Microphones
Wireless Presentation

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