Understanding Why Preventive Maintenance of AV Systems Is More Cost Effective Than Break Fixes

Today, many organizations rely on their AV tools to conduct daily business including; working on existing projects, brainstorming future directives, and interacting with customers. If something goes wrong with an AV system, it can cause many costly internal and external problems. Preventive maintenance is a much better solution than only fixing something when it breaks. [...]

Refreshing Your Presentation Environment: Time For An Overhaul?

Have you stopped recently to think about how fast technology is changing these days? Ask yourself how often you upgrade your PC, Television, Cell Phone or other tech devices? How about software, how often do you find yourself changing to a new version of an application or having to update your operating system?  It seems [...]

Wireless Conference Rooms are Here: 7 Questions You Need to Ask

Yes, the time has come. Simple to use, inexpensive, and effective, wireless technology has come to the conference room. Enterprises and individuals can now enrich the experiences of meeting participants and presenters with little additional equipment and the right technical understanding. Overcoming Previous Limitations – The Wireless Dream Is Now a Reality Wireless conference systems [...]

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