Digital Signage

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Easy to Implement and Update Dynamic Content

IMS understands the power of video displays conveying a message.  Digital Signage is now all around us – meeting rooms, classrooms, airports, retail stores, restaurants, sporting arenas, cinemas, houses of worship, hospitals, and more. Regardless of where they are, all well-designed digital signage solutions clearly and captivatingly deliver content to your audiences. Partnering with IMS ensures your message gets through with the latest innovations in digital signage technology.

No matter the size of your audience or digital signage application, IMS has the experience to design, build and support digital signage that effectively communicates your content, is easy to maintain and schedule, and takes advantage of all the latest technology.

Why Choose IMS? Comprehensive Communication Strategies

As a consultant, IMS helps organizations develop long-term, comprehensive communications plans. By evaluating existing systems and immersing ourselves in how specific organizations operate, IMS can identify standardized solutions that enhance collaboration in the boardroom, in conference rooms, in training rooms, on desktops, on tablets, and on smart phones.

Typical Locations:

Company Reception
Hotel Lobby
]Welcome Screens
Meeting Room Signage
Waiting Room
Conference Centers
Directional Signage
Retail Displays
Trade Show Displays


Typical Applications:

Public Information
Internal Information
Menu Boards
Brand Building
Enhancing Customer Experience

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