Brad Caldwell – President and CEO

Industry leader and authority on systems integration, extensive experience in fixed installation projects, specialty in systems standardization, process development and implementation.

Mr. Caldwell is one of the founders and has served as President and CEO Integrated Media Systems (IMS) since its inception. Founded in 1987, IMS is an Irvine based company, which is nationally recognized in the areas of audio, video, audiovisual, control and digital media systems integration. The company provides systems consulting, engineering, installation, software development and support for the government, corporate and medical communities.

Mr. Caldwell has been involved in nearly all phases of electronic communications technology, specializing in the development, engineering and implementation of specialized communications systems and their supporting environments. Mr. Caldwell has been active in the application of electronic systems integration in a wide range of industries for over 30 years. His cross industry experience, strong technical background and vision has been instrumental in the creation, development and deployment of many innovative standardized corporate systems and medical applications in integrated surgical control, telemedicine, and distributed communications.

He has served as a Board and Executive Committee member, Secretary-Treasurer, President and Chairman of the International Communications Industries Association (ICIA) and is past Chairman of INFOCOMM IQ an industry for-profit company serving internet product content and services to the industry and public. Mr. Caldwell also sits on various industry advisory councils. His long standing position as a leader in the industry provides great benefit to IMS’s Client base through a wide network of direct access to the highest levels of management and development personnel in the manufacturing, engineering and distribution channels.

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