A New Videowall for Orange County Water District


Integrated Media Systems — a leader in the design, integration and support of presentation, videoconferencing and communication environments and its supporting systems — teamed up with Adaptive Video Walls and Displays, a division of Adaptive Technologies Group and a provider of innovative LCD video wall frames to install a 3-by-3 LCD video wall in the Orange County Water District’s board room.

The new videowall, part of an overall audio/visual upgrade for the entire Fountain Valley, Calif., facility, was designed to replace the outdated projector and rear screen that the OCWD had been using for many years.

As with many rear projection screen systems, the one the OCWD had employed did not provide the staff with the visibility it required — the system projected low-resolution images with insufficient brightness that made it hard to see information. Because the board and staff primarily used this room for a variety of important activities — including presentations and training — this was a significant problem. With the facility in need of a technology upgrade to better communicate its projected materials, OCWD turned to IMS and Adaptive Technologies to come up with a cost-effective solution.

In order to properly install a higher brightness and resolution videowall using LCD displays, the rear projection screen system needed to be removed, leaving a gaping 8-foot 6-inch x 6-foot 6-inch hole. Further, the screen was installed into a non-load-bearing wall, which couldn’t support the weight of the heavier multi-LCD videowall technology. If IMS and Adaptive Technologies were to replace the rear-screen system using the same wall, they would have had to reconstruct the wall — a very costly and time-consuming prospect. In addition, the non-load bearing wall was treated with permanently applied acoustical absorptive materials, which the OCWD wanted to remain intact and undisturbed.

A team of IMS and Adaptive engineers conducted a site survey and discovered it could design and build a rigid tubular structure to be installed behind the non-load-bearing wall. The system was designed to be anchored to the concrete floor below and secured to the overhead roof beams above. This would provide the strength necessary to support both the nine displays, as well as the Adaptive wall frame system, all weighing more than 1,000 pounds.

Multiple 60-inch Sharp V601 monitors were chosen, because they would provide the OCWD with the vastly increased brightness and resolution it was seeking. Additionally, by placing nine monitors into a 3-by-3 landscape configuration, the viewing surface would be enlarged to 13 feet 3 inches by 7 feet 3 inches, a great improvement over the previous smaller and dimmer rear projection screen, and the perfect way to cover the rear screen opening.

“We are very happy with the simplicity and structural integrity of this Adaptive Technologies framing system,” says Brad Caldwell, president of IMS. “It’s an incredibly effective solution to a common issue in this type of facility upgrade. The system provided easy installation of the displays and allowed the installers to perform fine alignment adjustments on the monitors to minimize the separation between them.

“This was a critical component for this particular client. They were very specific, wanting the mullion lines to be minimized as much as possible. Orange County is located in a Zone-4 earthquake area, so from a structural standpoint, the videowall had to be able to withstand significant seismic activity. Adaptive ensured that this crucial structural engineering detail was met, resulting in a solution that was reliable and safe.”

In addition to the frames designed for use in this project, Adaptive Video Walls and Displays provides frames for various other LCD and plasma models that are employed in many permanent and rental and staging applications around the world, including narrow bezel models produced by NEC, Sharp, Orion, Samsung, LG and ViewSonic.VideoWallConstruction

Adaptive Technologies Group combines the talents and disciplines of Allen Products, ATM Fly-ware and Adaptive Video Walls and Displays, and offers state-of-the-art rigging and mounting solutions for a wide range of audio and video applications. Adaptive’s combined divisions are a major resource worldwide by way of the design, development and manufacturing of professionally installed A/V mounting and rigging equipment. Each brand offers its own standard and unique time-saving solutions, plus unlimited custom products for any venue or application.

In addition to providing a wide selection of popular mounting and rigging solutions, Adaptive is a major resource for hundreds of commonly used and often hard-to-find rigging hardware and fastener items, including metric sizes and pre-blackened wire rope and components. Based in Signal Hill, Calif., all overhead products are made in the USA.

ATM Fly-Ware is the world’s leading designer of certified, pre-engineered professional loudspeaker rigging systems for permanent installations and live performances. Allen Products is a leading designer and supplier of universal fit standard, custom and OEM loudspeaker mounts, mounting loudspeakers to walls, ceilings, under balconies, to poles and vertical columns. Adaptive Video Walls and Displays is the premier provider of innovative interlocking wall; ceiling and floor mounted video wall frames and flyable videowall assemblies for multiple narrow bezel LCD, LED and plasma monitors.

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